We dedicate part of our time to observe the external world, in search of our origin, or our reason for being, etc. Our ideas, beliefs, theories and findings do not satisfy us, we know there is much more, we want to prove, verify and experience without limits. Understanding that the Knowledge is in us, that we must SEE our inner self, to know ourselves, and then we will find the Truth, the Reality and the Eternal.


The Greek taught: "Man, Know yourself and you’ll know the Universe and Divinity."


The knowledge of One self is founded in four pillars: SCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY, ART AND MISTICYSM. It was taught by the Greeks, Mayas, Egyptians, Incas and all other great civilizations that have inhabited the planet, and now they have been brought to light as alternative of radical change.




The real experimentation is base of the conscious science. We teach and practice concentration, relaxation, meditation, astral projection, retrospection, etc.




Our defects exhaust us, sicken us, degenerate us and make us old. We explain how to self-observe to discover, and eliminate them by asking (begging) our Divine Mother (GOD Love); receiving knowledge, peace, liberty and happiness.




We understand the true value of the Creative Sexual Energy and the infinite possibilities that are offered to us thorough a wise management of our sexuality. We create the inner bodies with which we investigate the superior dimensions of the Universe.




We learn to work objectively over ourselves and disinterestedly for others, awakening the marvelous force of love.




The Three Factor for The Revolution of Conscience:


1.  Psychological Death

2.  Spiritual Birth

3.  Sacrifice for Humanity







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